12th October - 13th October, 2018 (English)


Dear Partners,

The Medicontur Premium Class is to help eye surgeons to propose PREMIUM lenses (toric, multifocal, multifocal toric and the Scharioth Macula Lens) to their patients.
Patients for cataract surgery are becoming more and more demanding, and thanks to the Medicontur Premium Class, surgeons will be able to meet their high expectations.

The Medicontur Premium Class will be presented by doctors who will train the surgeons in the PREMIUM implant techniques, and who will answer all their questions.
The Medicontur Premium Class also offers a unique opportunity to get closer to the production of IOLs during a factory visit, including meeting with the CEO and R&D Manager of the company.

The program will take place over two days, linking theory and practice, and an introduction to the manufacturing process. It is an occasion to create strong relationships with your new doctors, or to reinforce those with your current customers. This event is also a way for doctors worldwide to exchange experiences. A successful attendance at MPC Budapest will help to develop your business.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us in order to receive all the information!