MedJet MX 2.4 HB


Technical data  
Pusher: Silicon cushion for hydraulic injections
Loading chamber: with ring locking system
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide
Packaging: Special blister "2 in 1": Cartridge + Injector
Winglets: with special locking system
Loading chamber: with guiding rails for an easy placement of the lens
External diameter: 1.89 mm
Estimated incision size: 2.4 - 2.5 mm



1. Lubricate the funnel and the loading barrel of the cartridge with viscoelastic solution (preferably dispersive like HPMC or similar). Place the lens in the middle of the cartridge. Carefully push the optic and the haptics under the guiding rail and close the cartridge. Fill up the cartridge with viscoelastic solution behind the lens.

2. Load the cartridge.

3. Lock it in place by turning the ring clockwise.

4. Gently inject the lens. For a smooth and precise insertion of the lens into the capsular bag a slight rotation of the injector can be useful.