2017.10 - ESCRS Lisbon


Main Symposium:


PROF. ZOLTÁN ZSOLT NAGY MD, PhD; MED HABIL. DSc /HUNGARY/: PIL-MA: Clinical outcomes after implantation of 400 pcs of Medicontur
hydrophilic Bi-Flex 677 preloaded IOLs. - PDF

EMMANUEL VAN ACKER MD /BELGIUM/: Morphological & clinical outcomes after implantation of 2 presbyopia corrected IOLs: Bi-Flex M & FineVision - PDF

JOAQUÍN FERNÁNDEZ PÉREZ MD /SPAIN/: Visual performance of patients implanted with progressive PAD Bi-Flex M analyzed by the QVision iPad Multifocal lens analyze - PDF

2017.01 - N. Reiter, L. Werner, J. Guan, J. Li, KT. Tsaousis, N. Mamalis and S. Srinivasan

​​​Hydrophilic Sulcus IOL Assessment

Eye (2017), 1-8

2016.10 - Michael Assouline, MD, PhD, Lydia Bessede, MD

Les implants Bi-Flex M (Medicontur 677M) et Q-Flex M (Medicontur 640MY): deux designs multifocaux diffractifs / réfractifs pour une amélioration de la vision intermédiaire

RéfleXions Ophtalmogiques, October 2016, N198; 29-40 (Paris)

2016.10 - AAO, Chicago 

Title of the Paper:      Implantation of Scharioth Macula Lens in Patients with                                                                        AMD: Results of a Prospective European Multicenter Clinical Trial

Authors:                        Sathish Srinivasan, Gabor Scharioth, Anneliese Riehl, Ivan Tanev,

                                        Pavel Rozsival, Florian Balta, Emmanuel Van Acker

Award:                           Best Original Paper Winner

Presentation Date:      October 18, 2016

AAO Paper ID:               PA104

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Prof Liliana Werner, MD, PhD

Laboratory Study Evaluating the New Preloaded Hydrophobic Acrylic IOL – Medicontur – Bi-Flex

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Prof Zoltán Z. Nagy, MD, PhD, Med Habil, DSc

Clinical feedback of 100 consecutive eyes implanted with Bi-Flex M and AcrySof ReSTOR chosen randomly: Short and medium-term visual outcomes

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Kinga Kránitz, MD

Changes of angle kappa after multifocal IOL implantation

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Iveta Nemcova, MD, PhD

Visual outcome, refractive & rotational stability after implantation with PIL-MA preloaded Bi-Flex MT

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Jana Nekolova, MD, PhD

Motivation and training techniques of patients after SML implantation

2016.09 (ESCRS) - Peter Vamosi, MD, PhD, Med Habil

Retrospective analysis of visual outcomes, refractive stability, glistening & PCO development in patients implanted with Z-Flex HB and AcrySof IQ

2016.09. (ESCRS) - Dr. Med. Niels Vesti Nielsen

Quality of Life. Patients with advanced AMD implanted with SML

2016.06 - Michael Assouline, MD, PhD, Lydia Bessede, MD

Comparison of four multifocal implants to compensate for presbyopia during cataract surgery

Study presented in part at the ESCRS Annual Meeting (London, September 2014) and the ESCRS Winter Symposium (Istanbul, February 2015).

2016.06 - Review by Pierre Bouchut

Treatment of Presbyopia during Crystalline Lens Surgery

2016.05 - ASCRS, New Orleans 

Title of the Paper:    Assessment of a New Hydrophilic Acrylic Supplementary IOL for                                                    Sulcus Fixation in Pseudophakic Cadaver Eyes

Authors:                            Reiter N, Werner L, Guan J, Li J;Mamalis N, Srinivasan S

Award:                               Best Paper of Session Winner

Presentation Date:         Sunday, May 8, 2016

Time:                                  4:24 PM–4:29 PM

ASCRS Paper ID:              21440

2015.08 - Gabor B. Scharioth, MD, PhD

New add-on intraocular lens for patients with age-related macular degeneration

J Cataract Refract Surg 2015; 41:1559-1563 © 2015 ASCRS and ESCRS

2015.08 -  Alexander Bachernegg, MD; Theresa Rückl, MD; Clemens Strohmaier, MD; Gerlinde Jell, MD; Günther Grabner, MD; Alois K.Dexl, MD, MSc 

Vector Analysis, Rotational Stability, and Visual Outcome After Implantation of a Toric IOL

J Cataract Refract Surg 2015; 

2013.05 - Alexander Bachernegg, MD, Theresa Rückl, MD, Wolfgang Riha, MD, Günther Grabner, MD, Alois K. Dexl, MD, MSc

Rotational stability and visual outcome after implantation of a new toric IOL for the correction of corneal astigmatism during cataract surgery

J Cataract Refract Surg 2013; 39:1390-1398 © 201 ASCRS and ESCRS