11 ACB - 12 ACB

Atraumatic Clockwise Blue

Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring

Technical Data:   
Injector: Preloaded - Single Use
Ring overall diameter: 11 mm / 12 mm (compressed state)
Material of the ring: PMMA blue
Type of ring: Atraumatic
Sterilization: Ethylene oxide



1. Gently remove the injector from the blister.

2. Carefully pull the safety clamp together with the pusher until the stop.

3. Remove the safety clamp from the pusher in a lateral direction.

4. Completely retract the preloaded CTR into the injector by further pulling the pusher until the end.

5. Insert the injector tip into the capsular bag at 6 o'clock and release the ring along the capsular equator clockwise by gently pushing the rod. Make sure the ring is sliding smoothly around. At the end the ring will be released from the hook. Retract the empty hook into the injector and remove it from the eye.


Download JETRING infosheet